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- Republish material from our website.
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The website allows users to post comments and reviews. The comments donot reflect the views of the company or our staff and affiliates. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, our company shall not be responsible or liable for the comments or for any loss, cost, liability, damages or expenses caused and/or suffered as a result of any use of and/or posting of and/or appearance of the comments on our company's website. Our company reserves the right to monitor all comments and to delete comments that we consider to be inappropriate or in breach of our Terms and Conditions. You warrant that:
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You henceforth give our company the right to modify, edit, use or delete any of your comments posted on our company's website.


The organizations listed below may link to our website without the need of a prior written approval:
- Government Agencies
- Search Engines
- News Organizations
- Online directory distributors only during linkage in listings in directorys that are relevant to our services. The information provided must be true and complete. We reserve rights to inform changes.

We allow linkages by these organizations if (a) the link does not make us appear unfavorable or is not misleading; (b) there is no record of unsatisfactory interaction with the organization; (c) the link is relevant to our company and its content; (d) the link does not contain any unlawful, offensive or inappropriate content.
If you want to link our website and are in doubt regarding the above given terms, you can write a mail to our support team and receive a response regarding the same. Include your name, organization and URL of the intended linkage in the mail.

If approved, organizations can hyperlink our website based on:
- Use of our corporate name.
- Use of the uniform resource locator being linked to.
- Use of any other description of our Website being linked to that is relevant to the context and format of content on the linking party’s site.

Our company's logo or artwork cannot by used with a written approval to do so.


You cannot create frames around our website or make use of any other tools to change the visual appearance of our webpage without prior written approval or permission.

Content Liability

We are not liable or hold responsibility for any content that appears on your website. You agree to defend us against any claims that will rise on your website. No links shall appear on the website that can be termed as inappropriate, offensive, unlawful, libelous or violates any third party rights.


Refer to the privacy policy listed.

Reservation of Rights

We reserve the rights to ask you to remove the links to our company on any given occasion within our sole discretion. You agree to comply and remove the link upon request. We also reserve the rights to update and change our terms and conditions. By continuing, you agree to comply with the given terms and conditions.

Removal of Links

If you come across any link on our website that is considered offensive or inappropriate, you can mail it to us. We will analyze the link but don't have any obligation to respond or comply with it.


According to the extent permitted by law, all representations, warranties and conditions relating to our website and the use of this website are excluded by us. We donot warrant the reliability of the content or material on the website. We will take measures to ensure that the material is correct, but donot make any representations regarding its accuracy, availability and upkeep.

As long as the content, information and services displayed on the website are free of cost we are not liable for the loss or damage of any nature with regards to the use of this website.

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